Welcome to EdCamp Home, the world’s first all virtual EdCamp. We recently completed our third iteration of edcampHOME on July 10, 2014. Each time we learn and try to improve, and as there are issues each time we do our best to tackle in real time, live, raw, and recorded for posterity. We are pleased to now host a wide variety of archived conversations and we look forward to many more.

Brady, our mascot golden retriever

Our mascot Brady

Our guiding principles are those of the EdCamp Foundation while seeking to virtually facilitate the EdCamp experience using readily available tools such as Google Hangouts On Air, Google Apps/Docs/Forms, Google Scripts, Google+ Communities and Circles, Twitter, this self-hosted WordPress-based website, and other means along the way.

We realize we have under-utilized this website and other community spaces to extend our learning and sharing beyond the individual events. Thus we now make an effort to improve, clarify, share, and grow.

We invite you to subscribe via RSS or email to our blog updates and join us as we share, learn, and connect throughout the year, and particularly for our scheduled events.